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The MemberPoint **CommonBundle** providesconfiguration and services common to all MP-based bundles.

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The MemberPoint CommonBundle provides configuration and services common to all MP-based bundles.

For instructions on how to use the bundle, refer to the bundle's documentation.


These instructions assume the consuming application uses Symfony Flex.

Add the following repository to the application's composer.json file:

"repositories": [
        "type": "composer",
        "url": ""

Open a command console, enter the project directory, and execute:

$ composer require memberpoint/mp-common-bundle


This section describes post-installation steps required for the bundle to work correctly. Steps are divided into the following sections:


For the correct operation of console commands across all MP-based bundles, it's recommended you configure a global request context, like so:

# config/services.yaml
  router.request_context.scheme: https
  router.request_context.base_url: /my/path


This bundle relies on Doctrine for persistence. After installing this bundle, ensure a connection to a database is correctly configured before executing:

$ php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


This bundle defines a collection of routes that serve as JSON API-endpoints. If the consuming application wishes to expose these endpoints, be sure to import them into the application's routing configuration:

# config/routes.yaml
  resource: '@MPCommonBundle/Resources/config/routing-api.yaml'
  prefix: /api


When setting up locally, if you want to run tests make sure you run composer with prefer-source as new versions remove tests

composer install --dev --prefer-source

Ensure the bundle has all development dependencies available, then open a command console, enter the project directory, and execute:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit --testdox --coverage-text